Craft Fair Tips

Craft Fair Tips 2020

What’s new in the artisan world? I am focused on helping you set up the craft exhibition. The appearance is beautiful but not crowded, and the attractive display determines whether the partons will stop or continue walking. I list some important elements and then discuss them in detail.

Watch this video “SELLING AT CRAFT FAIRS | My Top Tips”(22 mins 47 seconds)


  • Table
  • Black tablecloths or sheets
  • Supplier logo
  • Catalogs, seasonal catalogs, mailing list check-in forms, monthly specials, product samples
  • Show directory
  • Door prize form, door prize box or bowl on clipboard
  • Price mark

These are the items suitable for my papermaking business. Read these tips and customize the display according to your product needs; perhaps vintage pieces or bright fabrics will be more suitable for your craft theme. I usually use 8-foot tables and smaller 6-foot tables. There are sales items on the 8-foot-high shelf, my signboard, and catalogs, door prizes and forms, mailing lists, specials, and some cards that I want to show to the booking party on the 6-foot-high table.

Table Setup:

I prefer to use large black sheets because it covers the table better than any size tablecloth I have bought. I used a safety pin to pin my Stampin’ logo on the front of an 8-foot table. The change in height will increase the depth and size of the table, so please select the display items that can increase the shopping basket, photo box and layered store display.
Don’t set the table when you’re overcrowded, because it’s too extravagant and it’s easy to go astray. Customers will be afraid to touch and see anything because they may bump into other products or knock down things. unfriendly. Spread out things and put something until there is enough space to hold these things.

I found another useful thing is the “less is more” theory. I put the inventory under the table in a plastic box under the bed box. If the customer is looking for a specific color, I can pull it out of the trash can to avoid crowding the table. As the inventory sells, I will sort things and add more products under the table.


There is an easy-to-recognize large supplier logo so that everyone knows what products you sell. Note: Please stand up next to your table, booth or tent. It is important to stand up and arouse real interest from shoppers. There is nothing worse than a seller who hides behind a table and sits in a chair reading a book, and pays no attention to those lovely people who spend time shopping at the event. Customers will be afraid to talk to you so as not to disturb what you do. Don’t let it happen-stay alert, be friendly and stand up to meet them. When there are no shoppers, you can sit down.


It is important to provide prices to customers. I don’t want my customers to search for prices and be shocked by the prices, so I want to show the prices clearly. I used color card paper with the product name and price printed on it. If you plan to perform frequently, it is a good idea to fit the logo.

Categories display:

I found a three-layer wicker magazine basket at Pier 1 Imports, which was very suitable for my needs. I put a large catalog in the back, seasonal products in the front, and paper and fabric samples designed by famous designers in a small pocket in the front. In front is the yellow door prize vase. I think it adds something to the display. Other vendors who want to network and place orders can easily access business cards. I have a lot of pens to fill out the door prize form and write the party reservation date on the party postcard I use.

This is a review and some other tips and tricks:

  • With a piece of paper, it’s bigger.
  • Don’t be overcrowded; you don’t have to spend all your money!
  • Draw a picture of the door prize and explain what the prize is.
  • Use different heights.
  • Invest in catalogs/information display boards.
  • There are business cards available.
  • stand up! There is nothing worse than an uninterested seller.
  • Talk to customers and provide help them find what they want.
  • Ask them if they have heard of your product.
  • Ask them if they are interested in ordering anything or getting together with friends for free courses.

These are my main tips for building a successful craft exhibition to attract customers and attract them to engage in your business. I really like craft shows-it gives shoppers the opportunity to buy local goods, get handmade gifts, book parties, it will make them creative sales channels and have fun with friends, and let me connect with other suppliers . This is a way to serve the community and make new friends.