How Do I Delete Emails From All Apple Devices At The Same Time

For each device you have to change the Delete from Server setting. MacBook: From Mail app Mail > Preferences > Accounts > select the account > Advanced check “remove copy from server after retrieving” box then select your prefered option from the drop down box. sberman has the best solution really.

How do I delete emails from all devices at the same time?

Can I delete emails from all my devices at once? Log in to Click on the Gear icon at the upper right corner, beside your name. Choose More mail settings, and look for Managing your account. Find POP and deleting downloaded messages. Mark Do what my other program says – to enable this feature.

How do I delete emails from my MacBook and iPhone at the same time?

On your iPhone, go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts. Find your Gmail Account, tap it, and select Delete Account.First your Mac: Open Settings on your Mac. Find and open “Internet Accounts”, blue icon with an @ Click once on your Gmail account and press “-” in the bottom left corner to delete.

How do I delete messages from multiple Apple devices?

If you need to free up space in your iCloud storage, you can delete individual messages from all of your devices or turn off the Messages in iCloud feature.Turn off the Messages in iCloud feature Tap Settings > [your name]. Tap iCloud. Tap Manage Storage. Tap Messages, then tap Disable & Delete.

Does deleting an email delete it from all devices Apple?

The IOS devices act in sync. Delete from iMac and email remains on all other devices.

Does deleting emails on iPhone delete them on computer?

IMAP allows multiple devices to access the same mailbox simultaneously, and also tells the e-mail server whether a message has been read, saved or deleted. As a result, if you delete a message on your PC, it will automatically be deleted from your iPhone, and vice versa.

How do I delete emails from my iPhone and iPad at the same time?

Delete emails on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Open Mail and go to your Inbox. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner, then individually select the emails that you want to delete, or tap Select All. Tap Trash or Archive. If you only see Archive, touch and hold Archive to see other options like Trash Selected Messages.

How do I delete emails from my iPhone and computer at the same time 2020?

The only way to delete emails from all your devices at once is to set up each device with your provider’s IMAP server. That way, you can log in to any device that has direct server access via IMAP (your tablet, phone, or computer) and delete emails there.

How do I delete thousands of emails at once?

Sadly, there isn’t a snappy way to cut them immediately. Instead of clicking a nifty button, you’ll have to press and hold the Shift key. Click the first email, keep holding down Shift, click the last email and then hit Delete.

When I delete emails on my phone they are still on my computer?

Non-Gmail e-mail that you fetch on your phone typically remains on the e-mail server. That’s because, unlike a computer’s e-mail program, the phone’s Email app doesn’t delete messages after it picks them up. The advantage is that you can retrieve the same messages later using a computer.

How do you delete iMessage so the person can’t see it?

You can delete an entire conversation by swiping left on it in your iPhone’s Messages app. To delete individual messages, tap and hold on the message until you see the pop-up menu, then tap it to get to the trash can.

Does deleting an iMessage delete it for everyone?

No. It will get deleted from all your devices only. Anyone in a group iMessage can add or remove someone from the conversation. You can remove a person from a group iMessage that has at least three other people.

Does deleting messages on iPad delete from iPhone?

In the Messages app , you can delete messages and entire conversations. You can’t recover a deleted conversation. With Messages in iCloud, anything you delete from iPad is also deleted from your other Apple devices where Messages in iCloud is turned on.

Why are deleted emails still on iPhone?

If it appears in the Deleted folder, it’s normal. That’s because your iPhone has its own copy of the email stored in your device storage. They reappear in the inbox.

How do I manage my emails on multiple devices?

Most mail programs give you the choice of two ways to set up an account on a computer or mobile device — either with the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) standard or POP (Post Office Protocol). If you want to keep your mailbox in sync across multiple devices, choose the IMAP method.

When I delete an email on my iPhone it doesn’t delete on my iPad?

If you delete an email from an iPhone/iPad using the POP3 protocol, then the email will be permanently deleted from your device. On the other hand, if your device uses the IMAP protocol, then the email message isn’t stored on your iPhone/iPad but instead on the mail server.

Does deleting an email delete it for the other person?

Deleting an email from your device does not remove it from the sender’s device at all.

Do I need to delete emails?

Rather than archiving every single email you get, try deleting the ones you don’t care about. You’ll free up space, and you won’t have to pay to store useless emails. But, even if you only archive the emails you care about (instead of all emails), you’ll be a lot better off.

Will I lose my emails if I delete my account?

Your emails and mail settings will be deleted. You can no longer use your Gmail address to send or receive email. If you change your mind, you may be able to get your Gmail address back. Your Google Account won’t be deleted; only your Gmail service will be removed.

How do I delete emails from Iphone by date?

Sort by date: —select the first one, move down a batch at a time, hold the shift key and select the last one. This will highlite everything in between. —Holding the command key down you can continue to select or remove.

Why do my deleted emails keep coming back on my IPAD?

Re: Deleted emails keep coming back on my ipad When you are in, check that the unwanted email has been deleted in your webmail. Check your email settings making sure that the settings delete the message from the server after x amount of time.