How To Break Peppermint Bark

How do you break peppermint?

Coarsely crush the peppermint candies in a resealable plastic bag using the smooth side of a meat mallet. Since the candies are so hard, the heftiness of the mallet is the best thing for breaking them up quickly.

How do you keep peppermint bark from sticking?

Another trick that will help keep the bark together is to let it come to room temperature before you try slicing or breaking the pieces. Especially if you’ve stored it in the fridge, letting it warm up a little gives the chocolate a chance to come together before you break apart the pieces.

How long will peppermint bark keep?

Peppermint bark will last at room temperature for 2 weeks or in the refrigerator for 3 weeks.

Why do they call it peppermint bark?

Why is Peppermint Bark called bark The name is from tree bark that is thin that you can peel off a tree then essentially break it. It is a figurative saying. No matter how or what you call this sweet chocolate bark, it is delicious.

How do you make peppermint crumble?

Using a Food Processor to Crush Peppermint Candy or Turn It Into Dust. The best way to get your peppermint candies done quickly, really fine or into dust for recipes like brownies, frosting or adding it to drinks is to use a food processor.

How do you crush peppermint candy canes?

Place peppermint candies in a large resealable plastic bag. Close bag. Pound with rolling pin, heavy skillet, mallet or small hammer until coarsely crushed. Or, process in food processor using on/off pulsing action.

How do you soften hard peppermint candy?

Using a microwave-safe plate, unwrap the desired amount of hard candies and place them on the plate. Microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. The stovetop is the best method to completely melt hard candies because it offers the most control over the melting process.

Should peppermint bark be refrigerated?

Peppermint Bark Tips Do not refrigerate (during or after making). You can make this with just white or just dark/milk chocolate. If your layers separate, the chocolate can be remelted on low.

Can you make peppermint extract from candy canes?

If you are out of peppermint extract and still want the flavoring, you could crush up some peppermint candy canes and add them to your recipe. You could also pulverize them in a mini food processor. You could crush up peppermint leaves and soak them in some good quality vodka or grain alcohol and make your own.

What is peppermint bark made of?

Peppermint bark is made with just 4 ingredients – semisweet chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint extract and crushed candy canes.

How long can you freeze peppermint bark?

If you are going to freeze the peppermint bark, be sure to wrap it well. You may want to start with waxed paper and then some plastic wrap or foil, and then into an airtight container. The idea is to keep out as much moisture as possible. It should keep several months in the freezer.

Can you freeze bark?

Yes, of course! In fact, the freezer is the preferred location to store this chocolate bark recipe. It will last a couple of months in the freezer.

How long does peppermint bark take to freeze?

Sprinkle the crushed mini candy canes over the white chocolate. Freeze for at least 1 hour. Remove the bark from the freezer and break into pieces. Enjoy!.

Will peppermint extract seize chocolate?

Will Peppermint Extract Seize Chocolate? Peppermint extract will not seize chocolate if you use an alcohol based extract. The extracts that you get at the grocery store are alcohol based, so you can use them in this peppermint bark recipe easy. I use McCormick Pure peppermint extract.

How long does homemade bark keep?

Stored in an airtight container in the fridge the homemade chocolate bark recipe will stay good for 2-3 weeks. If you decide to leave the chocolate bark out at room temperature it will last for about 5 days.

Who started peppermint bark?

Is Williams Sonoma the original inventor of Peppermint Bark? YES! Williams Sonoma’s founder, Chuck Williams invented the confection in 1998 after more than 20 rounds of recipe testing.

Is Ghirardelli peppermint bark seasonal?

It doesn’t have to be the festive season to feast on Ghirardelli peppermint bark! You can treat yourself to this delectable snack all year round.

Did Williams Sonoma invent peppermint bark?

Williams Sonoma didn’t invent peppermint bark, of course; chocolate bark has been around in one form or another for quite some time. Williams Sonoma’s Peppermint Bark features a custom blend of Guittard chocolate and triple-distilled oil of peppermint.

Can you crush peppermint candy in a blender?

Frozen candy cane is more brittle, so it’ll be easier to crush. And it will be colder so will be less affected by any heat your blender produces. Put the frozen pieces in the food processor and use a low power pulse mode. It should only take a few seconds to pulverize the candy cane.

How do you break up hard candy?

Put in a 300 degree oven until they are completely melted flat. This takes between 5 and 10 minutes. Pull them out and let them cool completely. At this point you can either crush them with the hard implement of your choice or break them into small pieces with your hands (though be careful, cause they can be sharp).

How do you smash candy?

How to Crush Candies Place the hard candies that are to be crushed into the plastic food storage bag and seal the bag. Lay the bag on the cutting board. Strike the bag with the hammer, rolling pin or meat tenderizer until the candy is crushed fine enough for your purposes. A light stroke is generally all that is needed.

How do you make a candy cane crush?

Whisk 2 Matcha Spoons of Candy Cane Matcha in ¼ cup 85℃/185℉ water and pour on top of steeped tea. Top with frothed milk and enjoy.

How do you cut a candy cane without breaking it?

Place the candy canes on the baking sheet and bake them for 10 minutes in the preheated oven. Remove the tray from the oven, and use a spatula to lift 1 of the warm candy canes off the tray. Gently form it into the shape you want. If it is too long, you can use scissors or kitchen shears to cut it to the correct size.