Quick Answer: How To Craft Fire In Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Steps. Bring firewood to the Fire Pit from the Dry Wood Pile beneath it. Collect coconut husks from the ground near the palm tree (this is kindling). Bring villager to the Fire Pit to ignite.

How do you unlock the lava in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Drag a villager (or a child) onto one of the randomly flying around fireflies. Found at the west side of the island below the fire pit and to the left of the research area. Lava can be collected from the rock in the middle of the river of lava.

How do you get magic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Magic is an ancient mystery and cannot be easily attained. However, there is no real secret to gathering magic – it can only be found by exploring cracks! The items found in the crack are 100% random, including the chance a villager might not find anything.

How do you complete the Kraken statue in virtual villagers?

The villager will gather water. Once the water is collected, drag a villager to the crafting hut and give them the bucket of water. (If you give them the oil they’ll take it to the Kraken statue to be lit.)Steps. Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles Chapter 2.

How do you unblock the creek in virtual villagers?

Drop at least a villager on the rocks blocking the stream to the dry creek bed and they will slowly carry boulders away, eventually unblocking the water source.

How do you fix the water wheel in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Steps Bring villager to a pile of wood in the north part of the river to create a water wheel. Craft 2 center pieces from Metal and Forge Bucket using anvil and attach them to the water wheel. Bring a villager on water wheel to install it.

How do you fix the pedestals in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Steps There are four pedestals: two stone, and two metal. Once they are rebuilt with a villager of skill with both building and research you are able to worship the Kraken statue. In crafting hut, make stone x 2 and metal x 2. stone = lava + water (45 mins.) metal = stone + fire (2 hrs.).

How do you pollinate flowers in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Instructions. Wait for the butterflies to follow the Golden Child, then drag him to the strange plant north of the berry bush where the butterflies will pollinate the plant.

How do you carve the mystical stone in virtual villagers?

Place villagers on the ruins in the southeast area of the island. They will build and restore the ruins into a temple. Place villagers on the stone located northwest of the village. They will begin to carve the stone and create an idol.

How do you beat the Kraken in VV Origins 2?

To finally defeat the Kraken, Click to reveal.. you’ll need to craft three pieces of glass and take them to the statues. The color of these glass pieces corresponds to the color of the statues – try combining items of these specific colors with glass in your Crafting Hut to see what you come up with!Dec 30, 2018.

How do you get tech points faster in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

You can earn them faster by upgrading the Research Technology and also by purchasing one or more of the Science Totem. You can also purchase Tech Points using Lavastones.

How long does it take to clear the blockage Virtual Villagers?

Use 2 or 3 villagers already builders. Put the game speed on times 2. Once in-game they willingly go to ‘clearing the debris’ at least 3 times then close. Open the game after 2 hours and it should be done.

How do you get a golden child in virtual villagers?

With Puzzle 5 and 12 completed, and Level 3 of Fertility, put a nursing mother in the lagoon. The child will become The Golden Child.

What happens when you complete all the puzzles in virtual villagers origins?

After all the puzzles are solved, there is no big reveal behind the cave mystery. The game continues on as if the puzzles weren’t solved. There is no big ending. The only thing you’ll get from solving all the puzzles is the satisfaction you did solve them.

What does Giant Head mean in virtual villagers?

Giant Head. Increases the size of the villager’s head. Master Builder. The villager becomes a master at building.

How do you fish in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Virtual Villagers 2 – The Lost Children Place a master scientist or farmer into the round pond. You may have to put him in the pond again if he tries to leave. He will walk around the pond for a short time and then walk out with a fish. The villager will take the fish to the ocean and throw it in.

How do you move the boulder in Virtual Villagers Origins?

Drag a nursing villager (only possible for female villagers) to the lagoon. This will cause the Golden Child to be born. Wait until the Golden Child moves the boulder. This will occur automatically.

How do you get clay in vv2?

Steps. Bring 12 Clay Bricks to the foundation of the Clay Hut to build it. Clay=Red Earth + Water (45 mins.) *Clay Brick=Clay + Fire (2 hrs.).

How do you get fertilizer in virtual villagers?

Such as, to make Fertilizer it is Mixed Herb plus Earth. You have to make Mixed Herb first before adding it with Earth.

How do you beat the Yellow statue in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Use Forge Bucket from the Crafting Hut. Draw some plans and enlighten 3 builders by making them reading the science board. They will then simultaneously work on the statue to complete it.

How long do villagers live in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Time in Virtual Villagers Mode Real Time Game Time Paused N/A N/A 1/2 Speed 3 1/2 hr 1 year Normal 2 hr 1 year 2x speed 1hr 1 year.

How do you get the butterfly in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Steps Look for a dry plant at the bottom of the stream, below the blackberry bush. After solving The Stream puzzle, the dry plant will begin to recover. Once the plant is green drag a villager to it and they will cut the leaves. The villager will get covered in plant sap and butterflies will show up.

How do you get free tech points on Virtual Villagers?

Upgrade Tip Access the tech tree through the “Tech” option on the menu to spend tech points. Advance the science skill to level 3 to gain tech points as fast as possible through normal gameplay. Remember, to collect tech points you must have at least one villager working at the research table.

How do you find the treasure in virtual villagers?

The treasure can be found just south of the food bin, between the temple and the bin. A clue is not given by just dragging a villager over the area. You need to place the villager – a master builder – just right to discover the hiding spot. It may take multiple tries to place the villager correctly.