Quick Answer: How To Rekey A Smart Key Lock

First, insert the functioning key and turn it ¼-turn clockwise. Then, insert and remove the SmartKey learn tool. Follow by removing the functioning key, inserting a new key, and turning it ½-turn counter-clockwise. Your lock is then successfully re-keyed.

Can you rekey a SmartKey without the original key?

It is not the end of the world to lose your working key because you can easily rekey Kwikset SmartKey without original key after reading this article. There is no need to call a locksmith while you can rekey your lock with simple guidance.

How do I change the key on my SmartKey?

How to re-key your SmartKey Security™ locks? Prepare your door. Make sure you lock is installed on your door and that your door is all the way open. Insert current key. Insert the SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole. Insert the new key you wish to use with the lock. Remove your new key.

What is SmartKey rekey technology?

SmartKey is an advanced security breakthrough which allows you to rekey the lock in seconds. To rekey your lock with an entirely new key, simply insert the functioning key, turn a quarter turn clockwise, insert the learning tool, remove the existing key, and insert a new key. You just easily rekeyed the lock.

Will Home Depot rekey locks for free?

Home Depot will rekey locks such as Schlage, Kwikset, doorknobs, deadbolts, single and double cylinders for $5 to $15 per lock. If your local store does not offer the service, you may purchase a rekey kit or visit Lowe’s or Ace Hardware. Home Depot does not rekey car locks as they often require specialized technology.

Can you pick smart locks?

As mentioned, smart locks without keyholes can’t be picked, while those with keyholes are vulnerable to picking. On the other hand, traditional locks are keyhole based locks, meaning they’re exposed to lock picking.

Can you make copies of Kwikset smart keys?

there is no cutting of key unless you wish to duplicate the keys that come in the kit. each kit will be unique, the chances of getting 2 identical kits are the same as buying two locks with identical keys. If you have any old keys that will fit Kwikset brand, you can rekey to any key.

How many times can you rekey Kwikset SmartKey?

How many times can I re-key my lock? Unlimited amount of times. All you need is the Smarkey Security tool.

Can Kwikset locks be rekeyed to any key?

You can rekey all of your locks to match an existing key when the locks all have the same keyway. So it is impossible to slide a Kwikset key into a Schlage lock and a Schlage key into a Kwikset lock. These two locks cannot be rekeyed to match an existing key of the other.

How do I reset my Kwikset lock code?

A factory reset will delete all codes associated with the lock. Make sure the door is open and unlocked. Press and hold the program button for 30 seconds using the SmartKey tool or a paper clip. You will hear one long beep. Press and release the program button. You will hear one short beep.

How do I rekey my vivint Smart Lock?

Smart Lock – Rekey Insert the current key into the lock. Turn the key to the right until it is horizontal in the lock. Insert the Smart Key into the small hole above the key until it clicks. Remove the Smart Key and the key from the lock. Insert the new key into the lock.

Are Kwikset SmartKey locks safe?

Kwikset smartkey locks are certified Grade 1 security for residential use by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association and are advertised by Kwikset as being invulnerable to being hacked with wires, screwdrivers, or anything else inserted in the keyway.

Can you use any key with Kwikset SmartKey?

Answer: Each SmartKey lock can be re-keyed to any SmartKey key – if you buy two re-keying sets, you can key all of your locks to one set; if you go out of town, you can just re-key one lock in your house to a different set, then give one of those keys to your neighbor/house-sitter.

Can I rekey my own locks?

Generally, as long as you own the property to which the lock and key belong, you may rekey the lock.

How much does rekey cost?

After hours emergency service calls run $150 to $250. For home lock or safe installation or rekeying, expect to pay $50 to $100 per hour.Locksmith Charges. Hourly rate $50 – $100 Trip charge $50- $ 100 Emergency trip charge $100 – $150 Rekey lock average $20 – $50 Changing locks $75 per hour.

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

Rekeying your lock is almost always cheaper than replacing a lock. This is because of the cheaper price of the key pins inside the locks, whereas when you replace a lock, you are paying for all brand-new parts.

What is a Kwikset bump key?

Bump keys are keys cut to a special design that will allow them to be used for picking pin-tumbler locks. All the cuts on a bump key are made to the maximum depth, so any key blank can be made into a bump key. Bump keys are manufacturer-specific. A Kwikset lock requires a bump key made from a Kwikset key.

Do smart locks work without wifi?

Smart locks do not require Wi-Fi to work. There are several wireless methods available to connect to a smart lock including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

Can you duplicate a SmartKey?

Pop-A-Lock® can duplicate or replace virtually every make & model of smart key. We can duplicate your vehicle key quickly and less expensive than the dealership. We can meet you wherever you are and in most cases create your smart key on the spot.

Can you rekey a smart door lock?

Smart locks with a physical backup key option can usually be rekeyed. Sometimes this is easy, but sometimes it requires you to disassemble the smart lock unit itself.