Question: How To Take Baffles Out Of Harley Exhaust

Will removing baffles hurt my Harley?

Removing baffles on your motorcycle will not directly harm or damage the engine. However, it may result in the engine running leaner, causing a problem with its performance and complications to the emissions. Removing the baffle does not add any performance benefit or enhancements to the engine.

Can I run my Harley without baffles?

Running a motorcycle without its baffles is not bad for the engine. It will not cause any engine damage. Worst case scenario is that your engine runs lean and you lose minor performance. To get the most out of baffles removal, make sure to rejet or tune your motorcycle afterwards.

What happens if you take the baffles out of exhaust?

Removing the baffles will change how the engine runs. It will usually cause the engine to run leaner (less fuel), and a lean mixture burns much hotter that can cause damage. Removing the baffles will also mess up the power curve of the motor. Usually loosing power down low and gaining a slight amount up top.

Do baffles affect performance?

For a quick answer – quiet baffles will not impact performance (horsepower or torque) as much. You could lose a small amount of high end power but nothing significant.

Will straight pipes hurt my Harley?

Will you lose horsepower or even damage your motorcycle engine? If you are busy and want the quick answer – straight piping a motorcycle will not damage the engine. However, you could lose some horsepower because exhaust scavenging is reduced and emission from your motorcycles will be massive – making it illegal.

How do I remove the baffles from my Vance and Hines Harley exhaust?

How do you remove baffles? The easiest way to remove the baffle is to remove the screws and use a slide hammer with a hook at the end of it. Insert the slide hammer hook onto the end of the baffle, and remove it.

What makes Harleys loud?

The secret of the unique sound of a Harleys lies in the design of the Harley-Davidson V-Twin two-cylinder engine. The pistons in most two-cylinder horizontal engines are timed to fire alternatively. This means one piston fires on each revolution of the crankshaft, i.e., every 360 degrees.

Can you make stock Harley exhaust louder?

Making stock pipes louder is a less expensive alternative to purchasing an entire aftermarket exhaust kit. However, the only effective way to make that stock muffler louder is to remove the baffles, this can be done in four easy steps.

How do you remove baffles from exhaust?

How to Remove Silencers From an Exhaust Define what is holding your silencer in place. Remove the one or two bolts holding the exhaust silencer to the frame. Loosen the bolt mid-way down the tail pipe on the clamp that meets the head of the silencer. Pull on the silencer, removing it completely from the exhaust tip.

Is it illegal to remove baffles on motorcycle UK?

To start with, any new motorcycle on UK roads must comply with UK laws on noise and meet Euro 5 emissions regulations. The original exhaust system must carry the manufacturer’s name and part number; to comply with the law, you must not remove the baffle.

How can I make my stock motorcycle exhaust louder?

How To Make My Motorcycle Exhaust Louder Get An Aftermarket Exhaust. Installing aftermarket exhausts is one of the easiest ways to amplify the sound of your exhaust. Modify Your Stock Carburetor. Your stock carburetor will likewise influence the sound of the motorcycle exhaust. Customize Your Muffler. Change Your Ignition.

What makes a motorcycle louder?

Motorcycles are so loud because of the size of the muffler most of them have, the length of the exhaust pipes, and the lack of residence time the air and exhaust have to slow down, and because the engine is open to air and atmosphere with no engine compartment encasing and stifling the sound.

Do Harleys need back pressure?

The most common part replaced on a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the exhaust system. A common belief is that by reducing back pressure in the exhaust system you will automatically gain horsepower. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Do baffles make exhaust quieter?

Baffles are used to disrupt the flow of exhaust gases and create back pressure which is needed to make the motor operate properly. They also quiet the sound.

Are longer baffles quieter?

Larger baffles are usually louder because they are more hollow with less obstacles – allowing the sound waves to travel freely (less restrictive).

How can I make my Harley sound deeper?

How To Make Your Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper Replace or Modify the Stock Muffler. Stock mufflers suit a wide range of personalities and preferences. Remove the Baffles. Get a Full Performance Exhaust System. Shop Slip-On Mufflers at West End Motorsports.

How do you remove baffles from a Harley Screamin Eagle exhaust?

Take the 14-gauge wire and shape it into a hook shape using the needle nose pliers. Then, slide the hook into one of the holes on the inside of the baffle. Clamp the vice grips to the baffle, and then hit the vice grips with the mallet. This is going to free up the baffle and allow it to be removed.

Can you modify motorcycle baffles?

Modifying just the baffles, even completely removing the baffles will not hurt your engine in any way. It will probably reduce torque just a bit in the lower RPM range, as the exhaust/engines are designed as a unit.