Quick Answer: How To Take Care Of Dill Plant

Dill will grow in most types of soil, though it prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Sprinkle a few seeds on the surface, then cover them with a very light layer of potting mix. Potted dill plants need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day and warm temperatures above 60 degrees F. (15 C.) to sprout.

How often do you water a dill plant?

Proper watering is essential for growing dill. Keep the soil evenly moist while seeds are germinating. Once dill plants start growing, they need about 1 to 2 inches of rain or additional water to thrive. Most herbs, including dill, don’t need additional fertilizer.

Does dill plant like full sun?

Plant dill in full sun and protect it from strong gusts of wind. The plant can survive temperatures down to 25°F.

Why is my dill plant dying?

A dying dill plant is usually because the dill has bolted and produced seeds after flowering which causes it to die back quickly. Dill plants turn brown and die due to drought stress and a lack of direct sun. Dill plants droop and turn yellow because of too much fertilizer and overwatering.

How do you take care of dill indoors?

How to grow dill indoors: Plant dill seeds directly in an unglazed terra cotta pot at least 8 inches deep. Water dill only when top inch or so of soil is dry. Provide supplemental lighting for dill for 10-11 hours with the lights about 6 inches away from the plant. Ideal indoor temperature for dill: 60°F-80°F.

Should I water dill everyday?

Allow the soil to almost dry out between waterings. Dill doesn’t like too much water; however, you shouldn’t let the soil get completely dry or the plant could die. Check the soil each day by rubbing a little between your fingers, and add water when it starts to feel dry.

Where should I plant dill sun or shade?

Plant dill in a location that receives at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily. Choose a spot protected from high winds because the tall, hollow stalks can easily blow over if you do not stake them. Dill does not transplant easily. Sow seeds directly into the ground where the plants are to grow.

Will dill regrow when cut?

Tip. Cutting down the dill plant stops its growth, but its seeds will continue to mature after harvest. If you plan to save seed from your plant, this is your best option.

Can dill grow shade?

Dill is among the easiest herbs to grow in the shade, though the plants won’t grow as tall in the shade. Dill reaches 2 to 3 feet at maturity in the full sun. However, when growing dill in the shade, know that it won’t grow as tall. Harvest the foliage at any time throughout the growing season.

Is dill difficult to grow?

Dill is one of the few herbs that, while not difficult to grow, is a bit more challenging to sustain, as it requires flower removal and repeated sowing. Sow dill every two to three weeks until early summer for a continuous crop of leaves throughout the growing season.

What kills dill?

How to Kill a Dill Herb Plant Cut down the dill plant with pruning shears, and then dig out its root clump. Solarize a large patch of dill plants for a less physical labor-intensive strategy. Spray your dill plant with a homemade herbicide consisting of three parts vinegar and one part dish-washing liquid.

How do I save my dill?

Refrigerate fresh dill. Wash the dill in cold water, remove excess moisture with a salad spinner, and wrap the bundle of dill in several damp paper towels. Place the wrapped stems and leaves in a plastic bag or airtight container. Store in the crisper drawer for up to two weeks.

How do you save dill plants?

For the dill, you plan to use in the next week or so, place the stems in a water-filled jar, as though they were cut flowers. This is an easy way to keep many herbs fresh for up to a week. The remaining dill can be preserved using one of the following methods: freezing, drying, or in a prepared vinegar.

How long does a dill plant last?

Dill is a biennial warm-season herb, very sensitive to light-freezes and frost. Dill is not technically a perennial plant because a single plant only lives 2 years.

How do you harvest dill without killing the plant?

Using a pair of scissors, snip the stems of the leaves, right where they meet the growth point on the main stem. You can do this by hand as well, by pinching the stems off, especially if the plant’s stems are young and tender.

How long does dill take to grow indoors?

When grown as a microgreen, dill is ready to harvest about 14 days after germination when it is about 1-2” tall. To learn all about microgreens and how to grow them, check out our in-depth Microgreens 101 article here.

Can I grow dill from cuttings?

Can you grow dill from cuttings? We don’t tend to think of taking cuttings of herbs to grow new plants but it is very easy to do. Dill cuttings will root in water fairly quickly and then can be transplanted into pots in about 2-3 weeks. Choose healthy new growth for best results.

What grows well with dill?

Gardener recommendations for dill plant companions include the following: Asparagus. Corn. Cucumbers. Onion. Lettuce. Vegetables in the cabbage family (Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, broccoli, etc.) Basil.