Quick Answer: What Does H And T Mean On Tires

The “T” or “H” on tires pertain to their speed ratings. A T-rated tire can withstand top speeds of up to 118 mph (190 km/h), while an H-rated tire can support up to 130 mph (210 km/h). It is important to note these markings and stay within those speed limits.

What does t mean on tires?

Sometimes, letters precede the first number. A “P” stands for p-metric, which is a tire used primarily on passenger cars. An “LT” indicates a light-truck tire. A “T” means it’s a temporary spare. By definition, all W- and Y- rated tires are also Z-rated, though not all get a “Z” embossed on the sidewall.

What does H TS mean on tires?

H/T (Highway Terrain) Tires for Daily Commute and Highway Driving. Chances are your SUV, crossover, or light truck came standard with a set of H/T tires built for highway driving.

What is the difference between H and T-rated Tyres?

S and T are primarily for family saloons and vans. U is primarily for saloons and coupes. H is primarily for sports saloons and coupes. Tyres with larger diameters often also have a higher speed rating because they are intended for use on higher-performance cars so need to be able to handle higher speeds.

What is T speed rating?

T-Rated Tires: This tire is often recommended for family sedans and vans. It’s rated for up to 118 mph. That’s well below the speed limit of most states, unless you’re planning on bringing your commuter on the Autobahn.

What does H mean in wheels?

“H” means the tire is safe up to 130 mph. The “T” rating means the tire is safe up to 118 mph. There is an “S” rating which is safe to 113 mph, and a “V” rating which means the tire can safely go to 160 mph.

Can I use H-rated tires instead of V?

A V-rated car requires a tire designed to operate to a maximum of 149 mph and can thus not be fitted with an H-rated tire.

Which speed rating is better H or T?

A T-rated tire can withstand top speeds of up to 118 mph (190 km/h), while an H-rated tire can support up to 130 mph (210 km/h). It is important to note these markings and stay within those speed limits.

What does 104 t mean on tires?

Those numbers refer to the load and speed ratings of the tires. In your first example 104T would mean that tire has a load carrying capacity of 2000 pounds (900kg) and a speed rating of 118 miles per hour (190 km/h). As the letters and numbers go up their respective scales the load rating and speed rating go up.

Are a T tires good in snow?

All terrain tires do not perform very well in snow and ice. Even though snow tires and all terrain tires have a similar looking tread, the difference in pattern and rubber compound makes a huge difference.

Can I mix H and T rated tyres?

Just remember, never mix and match tires with different speed ratings on your vehicle. This will cause major problems with the handling of your vehicle. Vehicle handling may be affected, and the vehicle’s speed capacity is now limited to the lowest speed-rated tire.

Do higher speed rated tires wear faster?

You will gain nothing in any other aspect of the tire, such as tire life, treadwear, or what have you. In fact, the higher speed rating doesn’t have much to do with cornering ability, either. Just the speed factor of the tire itself. There is no relationship between the speed rating and the longevity of the tire.

Does the speed rating on a tire matter?

The tire speed rating is the maximum speed tires can safely carry a load (the original weight of your vehicle plus whatever’s in it) for a sustained amount of time in ideal conditions. Generally, the higher in the alphabet a tire is rated, the better it will manage heat and faster speeds.

What tire speed rating is best?

TIRE SPEED RATINGS SAFETY Speed Rating Maximum Speed T Up to 118 mph U Up to 124 mph H Up to 130 mph V Up to 149 mph.

What does 85T mean on tires?

MRF ZTX 165/80 R14 85T Specifications 85 is the load index i.e. the maximum weight each tyre can carry at full speed. T is the speed rating i.e. the maximum speed for the tyre at full load.

What does 100T mean on a tire?

Just after the tire size are some more numbers, commonly 100T. The 100 is the tire’s load index, and in the case of 100, it means by itself a properly inflated tire can hold up 800 kilograms (1,764 lb.).

What does r20 mean on a tire?

Bias Belt. D. Diagonal. 20. The tire size was designed to fit rims or wheels that are 20 inches in diameter.

How long do a T tires last?

The average life of all-terrain tires is about 40,000 miles compared to 60,000 on your highway driver. Two main factors determine the lifespan of a tire: the tread pattern and rubber compound. Of course, cheaply made highway tires will wear quicker than high-quality all-terrains.

What is the highest rated all-terrain tire?

#1 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2. #2 Hankook Dynapro AT-M. #3 Goodyear Wrangler AT/S. #4 Falken Wildpeak A/T3W. #5 Toyo Open Country A/T III. Michelin: Best Tires Overall. Goodyear: Best for Durability.

What tire tread is best for snow?

Fast facts: Different types of tire treads Symmetrical tire tread patterns deliver smooth driving, high directional stability, and low rolling resistance. Directional tire tread patterns provide high protection against aquaplaning, excellent handling on snow and mud, and very good road-holding at high speeds.