Question: When Did Rolex Start Using Ceramic Bezels

The unique ceramic bezel insert was first seen on the Rolex GMT II (Ref: 116710) at the Basel World trade show in April of 2007. It became an instant hit due to the scratch resistant surface and perfect shine. The technology of the ceramic insert on the GMT II, is entirely unique to Rolex.

When did Rolex introduce ceramic bezel?

In 2013, Rolex created the first two-tone ceramic bezel, in blue and black, for the steel GMT-Master II nicknamed “Batman”. The blue and black bezel is made of Cerachrom, Rolex’s patented version of ceramic; it is produced through a patented process of creating two colors out of a mono-block Cerachrom bezel.

When did Rolex Submariner Ceramic come out?

Rolex launched the steel and ceramic Submariner in 2010, completing the metal options of the collection. Yet again, there were two color options available—the classic black Submariner ref.

Why is ceramic watch so expensive?

Thus, a ceramic case is rather expensive due to the purity of materials and the difficulty in sintering them. It is perfectly normal that a ceramic case is more expensive than a steel or even titanium case.

Which Rolex holds its value?

Several Rolex sports watches are known to consistently hold or increase in value. For example, the ever-popular Submariner is a good investment choice for its popularity alone. Easily one of the most recognizable Rolex watches, the Submariner is a highly coveted piece – especially on the secondary resale market.

What is a ceramic bezel made of?

Ceramics are inorganic, non-metallic materials made from compounds comprising a metal and a non-metal. They also can be crystalline or partly crystalline.

What is the biggest Rolex made?

44mm Rolex Watches 44mm is the largest case size offered in Rolex’s lineup and only two models have them: the Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph and Deepsea diving watch.

Is ceramic stronger than steel?

Extreme Hardness Surpassing that of Metals The hardness of alumina ceramics is nearly three times that of stainless steel; silicon carbide is more than four times harder than stainless steel. This extreme hardness is one of many unique properties that makes Fine Ceramics “super materials” for modern technology.

Is ceramic fragile?

This is known as the atomic scale structure. Most ceramics are made up of two or more elements. The bonding of atoms together is much stronger in covalent and ionic bonding than in metallic. That is why, generally speaking, metals are ductile and ceramics are brittle.

Is Rolex Submariner a good investment?

The Rolex Submariner is probably the safest bet when it comes to buying Rolex watches for investments. The Submariner is Rolex’s most iconic and recognized watch, and it is also the Rolex watch which has proven to increase the most in value. The Submariner is sporty, robust, durable, and has a truly timeless design.

What Rolex holds its value the best?

As a general rule, steel Rolex sports watches reliably hold or appreciate in value. This includes, in particular, the GMT-Master II with its famous two-coloured bezel, the Cosmograph Daytona, and the ever-popular Submariner 16610.

Does Rolex ceramic bezel scratch?

The ceramic retains the color and is scratch-resistant; this means the bezel will always keep its “brand new” look.

Does Rado ceramic scratch?

Rado high-tech ceramic has a very high level of scratch-resistance. However, there is a risk of scratching if it comes into contact with materials that are as hard as or harder than high-tech ceramic. Particles of these materials can be found in nail files, in granite or in sand.

Is ceramic bezel better?

Simply put, a ceramic bezel is widely known to be more reliable than a stainless steel bezel. It would help to keep this in mind when looking for your next timepiece as ceramic bezels do not scratch while their stainless steel counterparts are very prone to such damage.

Is ceramic watch better than stainless steel?

High-tech ceramic is really a material with unique properties. They feel cool and smooth on the wrist, some say that nothing feels better than a high quality Ceramic watch when on your wrist. They are also built to last. Unlike even the best quality stainless steel bracelets that end up needing to be changed over time.

Why are ceramic bezels better?

The advantages of Cerachrom ceramic include its resistance to scratching and fading — thus, the bezel should essentially remain the same a couple of decades down the line. The material is also prized for its look adding a distinct shine to the Rolex.

Is Titanium better than ceramic watch?

Titanium is a lighter material, stronger than stainless steel and, in many situations, a better choice for durability than the ceramic. Ceramic is more scratch-resistant, but it’s an overall more brittle material. And to a certain extent, that’s also true with the titanium watch.

Did Rolex discontinue the submariner?

Discontinued Rolex Submariner Watches in 2020 With the introduction of the brand new Submariner 41 collection, Rolex has naturally discontinued the previous Submariner Date 11661x and Submariner 114060 models.

How much does it cost to replace a Rolex bezel?

Rolex WILL replace the bezel at a cost of around US$700, and they will give you back to “aftermarket” one back.

Is ceramic heavier than steel?

Although it looks heavy, ceramic is lightweight. It is lighter than most metals and can rival aluminum on the scale. Ceramics are light, usually ranging from 2 to 6 g/cc, most of them being around 3 g/cc. They are lighter than stainless steel (8 g/cc) and titanium (4.5g/cc).

How do you clean a Rolex ceramic bezel?

How do you clean a Rolex ceramic bezel? Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and ammonia-free soap. Apply this soapy water all over your watch using your hands (don’t dump it in the water). Now, gently scrub the watch to clean it of all dirt particles.

What is the best Rolex to buy?

  1. Rolex Submariner. The Rolex Submariner is one of the best Rolex watches to buy and could also be considered as one of the best Rolex watches to invest in.
  2. Rolex Daytona.
  3. Rolex Sky-Dweller.
  4. Rolex GMT Master II.
  5. Rolex Day-Date 40.
  6. Rolex Sea-Dweller.
  7. Rolex Datejust 41.
  8. Rolex Yacht-Master II.

Is the ceramic watch worth it?

This hard property of ceramic does work to its benefit when it comes to intense levels of scratch resistance. While the surface of a ceramic watch case isn’t as hard as diamonds or sapphire, it is several times more scratch-resistant than steel (which itself is much more scratch-resistant than bare aluminum).

Can you replace the bezel on a Rolex?

If the bezel design is slightly more complex — modern Rolex Submariners, for instance, feature not only the spring ring, but an additional, L-shaped spring, and a bezel broken into two parts (an insert and the bezel itself) — you may need a professional to refit it for you.