When To Seed Clover Lawn

Spring is the best time to start a lawn of clover or to add clover to your existing lawn. Sow Dutch clover and microclover the same way. They do best in full sun but tolerate shade. Sow two to three pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet.

When should I start clover on my lawn?

You want to start preparing to plant your clover lawn several weeks before you spread your lawn seed. In the early spring after the first frost has passed, Mow your lawn as close to the ground as possible in the early spring after the first frost has passed. Rake out any uneven thatches, stones, or other debris.

Can I just throw clover seed on the ground?

You can plant clover by itself for ground cover, but it stands up better to foot traffic when combined with lawn grass. Only 5 to 10% by weight of tiny clover seed needs to be mixed with the recommended amount of grass seed to create a thick stand.

How late can you seed clover?

You may plant clear up to late summer/early fall at least 6 weeks before a heavy freeze. In the south where snow and freezing temperatures are rare, you may plant all through the winter. If you plant when temperatures are warm, clover seeds will germinate in 7 – 15 days.

Can I plant clover instead of grass?

Most landscape professionals recommend a ratio of 15-20% clover seed to 80-85% drought-tolerant grass seed suitable for your area and location. Since clover is not as hardwearing as grass, a mix ensures your lawn will withstand foot traffic and won’t need regular reseeding.

How long does clover take to establish?

When clover seeds are planted correctly on prepared soils, they can sprout in two to three days in the summer. Also, clovers take less than a week to germinate and sprout when temperatures are around 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Should I mow clover?

Easy-to-grow clovers do not require mowing, but they help keep the lawn green and create a nourishing playground for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

Will clover choke out dandelions?

As a dense ground cover plant, clovers — though they are also broad-leaved — are exceptional at crowding out other broadleaf plants such as dandelions, violets, and other plants that commonly populate lawns.

Is clover better than grass?

Natural Source of Fertilizer In a process known as nitrogen fixation, clovers and other legumes are able to take unusable nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into a usable form of nitrogen called ammonium. As a result, grass intermixed with clover is healthier, greener and more vigorous than grass alone.

How do I encourage clover in my lawn?

After planting, use a misting attachment to water daily until you can see the seedlings. Existing clover patches can be encouraged by mowing with the blades set at 1.5–2 inches, which favors clover over most traditional turf grasses. In the middle of summer, stop mowing to encourage clover to flower and seed.

Can I plant clover in the spring?

The best time to plant clover is in Spring or late Summer/early Fall. It is also a great choice for frost seeding.

How long does clover take to grow from seed?

It takes about 4 weeks for clover seed to mature after pollination. To encourage flowering and local adaptation of the clover and other species through in situ seed production and natural selection, one can stop mowing for 4-6 weeks in mid-summer on part or all of the lawn.

How do you prepare soil for clover?

Clover is easy and affordable to grow from seed! Seed can be sown directly over established turf grasses. Mow your grass at a low setting and gently raking out any built-up thatch. Then mix seed with sand, sawdust, fine compost, or soil, to make even distribution easier.

Is clover toxic to dogs?

The Shamrock, Sorrel or Oxalis plant has a very bitter taste, which often deters dogs and cats from consuming large quantities. However, when ingested in large enough quantities in small animals, it can result in poisoning in dogs, cats, and even humans.

How much clover seed do you need per acre?

Seeding rate should be 6 to 15 pounds per acre (lower rate if drilled; higher when broadcast). Seeding depth should be no deeper than 0.5 inch. Mowing red clover and leaving the cuttings in the field allows additional nitrogen fixation.

Can you plant clover in winter?

Clover is ideal for a winter seeding, and is a forgiving crop. It’s shade tolerant and aggressive, growing low and thriving when interseeded, yet it works well on ground with less than ideal drainage. Three-Way Clover Mix can also be frost-seeded to get an early spring clover cover crop established.

Does clover spread fast?

Perennial clover varieties create a fast-growing, dense web of roots and plant material over disturbed soil, keeping it in place. Planting clover in the garden will also help attract bees and other pollinators. Clover can, however, be highly invasive in some areas, as it spreads rapidly by seed and from the roots.

How deep do you plant clover?

Seeding depth should be 1/8 – 1/4 inch deep. Typically, in grass/legume mixtures, the grass is drill seeded in rows and white clover is over seeded to limit competition from grass.