Why Mobile Homes Flexible Ducts Are Different

Are mobile home AC units different?

The installation process for a heat or air conditioning unit in a mobile home differs from a site-built home. A mobile home usually has a forced air unit because it lacks the additional crawl space or attic space for a different kind of furnace to fit into safely.

What size flex duct DO need for mobile home?

What size flex duct for a mobile home? As long as the size is about diameter, the ideal size for a mobile home is 12” of flex duct. You can go for thicker ones like 14” or 16”, but your mobile home floor should be higher than usual in that case.

What is the disadvantage of flex duct?

The downside of flex ducting is that it is considered temporary with an acknowledged lifespan of only about 15 years. Another major disadvantage is that they are a little too flexible, so they are often incorrectly installed. And with greater friction than metal ducts, proper sizing is critical.

What’s the difference between a mobile home furnace and a regular furnace?

Since mobile homes tend to be smaller living sites, their ducts don’t permit standard-sized furnaces. Thus, most mobile homes use forced air units or a small furnace cabinet that comes with a vented door. These require special fans that properly and safely encourage airflow throughout the home.

Are flexible ducts good?

Pros of Flexbile Ductwork Flexible ducts are cheaper than metal ones. This can save you money on installation and upkeep. That means they can be installed in tight spaces where traditional metal ducts wouldn’t fit. If you’ve got sharp corners and lots of angles, flexible ductwork is a good option.

Do mobile homes have ducts?

There are usually air registers in every room that connects with the main ductwork to let air into that part of your home. The ductwork in a mobile home is contained within the insulation under the floor of the house.

How often should flex duct be replaced?

“If your ductwork is over 15 years old, you probably should replace it. Ductwork has a maximum lifespan of 20-25 years. By 15 years, however, it begins to deteriorate, significantly reducing your HVAC system’s efficiency, so replacement is the prudent option.”Nov 28, 2017.

How long do flexible ducts last?

What is the functional lifespan of a flexible duct system? A search of industry articles, blogs, and chat rooms indicates it lasts from 10 to 25 years. Most flexible duct manufacturers warranty their products for about 10 years.

Why do mobile home doors have vents?

Newer mobile homes have a louvered vent panel above the door, called a transfer grille, which also helps to provide natural air flow into the room when the HVAC system is off. Oct 3, 2018.

Can mobile homes have central air?

Central Air Conditioning This type of system is usually fairly cost efficient, but it requires your home to have an existing indoor furnace, with which many mobile homes are already equipped.

What is a crossover duct?

Crossover ducts are used in manufactured homes to carry both heated and cooled air from the main duct to the registers that are placed throughout the house. They are made of insulated flex duct that is fitted with a metal collar. The metal collar attaches the crossover duct to the main trunk duct, or rigid duct.

How do you get an attic in a mobile home?

Manufactured houses do not usually have attic access because of the limited space between the ceiling and roof. The hardest part of the process requires finding a room that has four walls close enough together to maintain the support of the roof beams while allowing you sufficient room to construct an access hole.

Does Flex duct reduce airflow?

Friction is the enemy of airflow. Unlike rigid ducts, which are cut to length within a tolerance of 1 inch or less, it’s easy to cut a length of flexible duct that’s several feet longer than is needed to get from point A to point B [2A]. That creates slack in the duct, which reduces airflow for two reasons.

Should I replace metal duct with flexible?

Flex ducts are better for existing trunk-and-branch heating and cooling systems. Metal ducts are more rigid due to the nature of steel, making them ideal to build an entire HVAC system. Installation. In comparison to metal duct, flex duct is easier and faster to install.

Can I replace metal duct with flexible?

Metal duct can still be found in many older homes, but flexible duct is more prevalent in newer homes. Both work well. Still, should you decide to change from metal to flexible duct, don’t waste money on an HVAC contractor. It’s a time-consuming job, but definitely one you can do yourself.

Why do mobile homes need a special furnace?

The duct work of a mobile home is too small to allow a regularly sized furnace to be installed or used. The airflow is the answer to why mobile homes need a specialized furnace. Without a fan that is properly designed, air cannot flow through a mobile home in a safe and efficient way.

Why is my mobile home furnace so loud?

Mobile home furnaces are inherently loud because of the close proximity and openness of the furnace to the living area. Most mobile home cold air returns are virtually non existent. Not enough return air ducting is the main problem with mobile home furnace noise.