Quick Answer: How To Find Cubic Feet Of Kenmore Refrigerator

The third number after the period in the model number indicates the cubic ft. of the refrigerator. The 0 indicates it could be either 10 or 20 cubic ft.

How do I know what size Kenmore refrigerator I have?

On Kenmore refrigerators, the 3rd or 4th digit of the model number after the 3 digit prefix (106) will normally indicate the size of the refrigerator. After 2000 it is usually the 3rd digit that indicates the size. For example; a digit “5” could indicate a 15 cu. ft.

How do I know the cubic feet of my refrigerator?

If you are wondering how to measure the cubic feet of a refrigerator, measure the refrigerator’s interior width, height and depth and multiply all three numbers together. You may need to remove shelves and drawers to get the most accurate measurements.

What is the cubic feet of my Kenmore refrigerator Model 795?

The Kenmore 795.78022 is a 22.1-cubic-foot bottom-freezer refrigerator available in black, white or bisque.

How many cubic feet is Kenmore refrigerator Model 106?

The Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator model 106 has a volume of 20.6 cubic feet, and it is a side-by-side refrigerator. It has a reverse osmosis treatment for water, an ice-making component, and controls, which are now digital.

What model is my Kenmore refrigerator?

Kenmore models always have a 3 digit prefix such as 110 or 665, then a period, then more numbers. Next, look for an aluminum tag–or a silver or white adhesive label. The model number may be printed or stamped onto the tag and it may be written in two different type sizes or styles.

How do I know what size my refrigerator is?

Grab a tape measure and measure the width, depth and height of the inside of your refrigerator. Multiply the numbers together (W x D x H) and divide the total by 1728 to get the cubic feet. For example, if you have a refrigerator that measures 30″ wide by 30″ deep by 48″ high, you multiply 30 X 30 X 48.

How do I figure cubic feet?

If you prefer to or have to calculate cubic footage by hand, you can find cubic feet by multiplying three linear measurements—length, width, and height—in feet. For instance, to find the volume of a cube, you would calculate the following: length x width x height.

What are the dimensions of a 20 cubic foot refrigerator?

EasyCare Stainless Steel Height to Top of Door (Inches) 66.6875″ Depth (Including Handles) (Inches) 32″ Depth with Door Open (Inches) 58.625″ Freezer Capacity (Cu. Feet) 5.4 ft³ Common Width (Inches) 30″.

How many cubic feet is Kenmore refrigerator Model 970?

All in all, it’s a nice interior, and one that makes good use of this refrigerator’s ample storage space (17.6 cubic feet in the fridge alone).

What is the cubic feet of my Kenmore freezer?

How many cubic feet does my Kenmore upright freezer have? The third digit in the model number after the 3 number source code designates the cubic feet of the product.

How many cubic feet is a Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

This stainless steel Kenmore Elite French door fridge has 24.1 cu. ft. of space, so you’ll be able to comfortably fit in your household staples, snacks and even party trays.Capacity: Capacity: Freezer Capacity (Cu Ft) 7.7 Overall Capacity (Cu Ft) 24.1 Refrigerator Capacity 16.4.

What are the dimensions of a Kenmore refrigerator Model 106?

Height without hinge: 65 7/9 in. Height with hinge: 66 3/4 in. Depth without handle: 32 1/8 in. Depth with handle: 33 7/9 in.

How old is my Kenmore refrigerator?

The date of manufacture is embedded in the serial number of this refrigerator. The third digit of the serial number (3) indicates that this refrigerator was manufactured in 2003. The next two digits (02) indicate that the refrigerator was completed in the 2nd week of 2003. This refrigerator is just over 5 years old.

Where is thermostat on Kenmore refrigerator?

On most Kenmore models, the thermostat is on the back of the unit for side-by-side devices and at the bottom of the fridge for the over-under units. Remove the panel covering the thermostat. You may need to use a screwdriver in order to do so.

How do I read my Kenmore serial number?

It begins with two letters, followed by several numbers. The first number represents the year of manufacture. In more current models, the number “2” represents the year 2002, “3” represents 2003, “4” represents 2004, and so on. The next two numbers identify the week of the year that the washer was built.

How do I find the model number of my refrigerator?

Refrigerator On the interior ceiling. On the inside wall of the freezer. On the inside of the door. On the door frame. On the interior wall behind the lower crisper drawer. On either inside wall of the unit. On the interior floor bottom (remove crisper drawer) Behind the kick plate.

Who makes Kenmore refrigerator Model 795?

LG Electronics Prefix Manufacturer Type 790. Frigidaire 791. Tappan (Frigidaire) 795. LG Electronics ref 796. LG la.

What are the dimensions of a 22 cubic foot refrigerator?

The KitchenAid Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (22 Cu Ft) has an overall height of 66.875” (174.9 cm), width of 32.625” (82.9 cm), and depth of 33.75” (85.7 cm). When open, the depth of the KitchenAid Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (22 Cu Ft) is 64.875” (164.8 cm).

How tall is a 7 cu ft refrigerator?

LG Smart Inverter Refrigerator (7 cubic feet capacity / 5 feet tall).

How tall is 9 cubic feet refrigerator?

What is the height of 9 cubic feet refrigerator? Brand Frigidaire Voltage / Frequency 120v / 60Hz Width 23.6″ Depth 23.6″ Height 65.4″.

What does 1.6 cu ft mean?

Compact: Under 1 cubic foot. Midsize: 1 to 1.5 cubic feet. Full-size: 1.6 to 2 cubic feet. Extra-large: More than 2 cubic feet. Most microwaves are somewhere around 1.4 to 1.8 cubic feet.